Tulum Art Club

Explore Tulum, its surroundings and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

We organize intimate experiences perfect for you and your friends.

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Life Drawing

Our intimate drawing experience, get immersed on a thematic experience while drawing the human body. 

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Jungle Art Walk

A surreal, magical, natural experience! Join our Art Walk at Holistika, a walk designed by Tulum Art Club immersed in the middle of the jungle where you can see murals and installations from different international artists. They have been inspired by the mysticism of the Caribbean lands, in connection with the universe and its different dimensions. You will be equally inspired as our artists are. The walk is led by the owner of the art club, sharing knowledge on not only the art and artist, but on Tulum nature and history as well. Surrounded by wild nature, filled with vivid colors, the jungle art walk is an experience in Tulum you do not want to miss.

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Monkeys and The Lagoon

One of our favorite ones: a full nature experience 40 minutes outside of Tulum. You walk through the jungle in search for monkeys, guided by an experienced local. Wonder the old trees and hidden structures from the Mayans, and see if you can get the best picture of these funky creatures. At the end of the walk you end up in a beautiful lagoon to relax, swim and see the Yucatecan sunset. Canoe, zip-line and other activities are offered at extra cost, to complete your adventurous experience. Don’t miss out!

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Private Cave Concert

A wonderful experience. The adventure starts heading to a private cave system 25 min from Tulum, providing the chance to wonder while prehispanic music and subsonic sounds are played. It is a dynamic form of meditation, with the sounds of ancestral instruments echo in the cave and elevate with your consciousness. With live singing, you’ll find yourself in a timeless space. The cave has shallow water pond areas for swimming and refreshing during or after the concert.

Energize yourself with the high resonance that is created by the music and meditation, some- thing you definitely would want to share with your friends.

Available only for groups over 5 people


We create bespoke group experience packs

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