Join our Art Walk at Holistika, an experience designed by Tulum Art Club immersed in the middle of the jungle where you can see murals and installations from different international artists.

They have been inspired by the mysticism of the Caribbean lands, in connection with the universe and its different dimensions. You will be equally inspired as our artists are. The journey is led by the owner of the art club, sharing knowledge on not only the art and artist, but on Tulum nature and history as well. Surrounded by wild nature, filled with vivid colors, the jungle art walk in Tulum is something you do not want to miss.



The Jungle Art Walk - and everything Tulum Art Club is up to - is exciting and inspiring. The artists involved are talented, interesting and doing something both sensitive and transformative in Tulum and its jungle. I didn’t know what to expect, but was delighted with Alfonso and all aspects of whaf he and the rest of the team are up to. I’ll be paying attention to these folks and thier projects for years to come. Go do it!
— Molly
What a fun and enriching way to spend a couple hours leaning about the world of art—making, collaborating, celebrating and experiencing—that Alphonso is cultivating in Tulum and beyond. This is an inspiring interactive art walk through time, light, sound and space. Alphonso’s energy and enthusiasm for the forest jungle, cultures of Mexico, art and nature, and collaborative art exploration is infectious. The morning starts with a lovely breakfast and introduction with Alfonso. Then, the next couple of hours are a spent walking and talking on a winding path under the shady tree canopy where imaginative large scale artworks by local and international artists are revealed and explored along the way. The walk is very easy, safe and appropriate for all ages of art enthusiasts. We left feeling inspired and connected in a new way to Tulum and the global art world. A unique and memorable experience!
— Kate
This was a great insight into the arts scene in Tulum. His gallery/cafe is an inspired place and with that as a base he took us on a little adventure. The art walk is a sublime walk in the jungle with purpose created art works, all very inspired and fun. Alfonso’s story and history where the best part with an insightful, real path of exploring and growing. In all it was a pretty inspiring morning that I’m still thinking about!
— Alexander
The experience was excellent and was everything as promised. From the light breakfast beforehand to the walk through the jungle and learning about the artists behind each piece. I went with my girlfriend and son and Alfonso made us feel at ease. Especially with the little one who was a little antsy at the beginning of the trip. Alfonso brought along his dog and our son was able to hold his leash and walk him throughout the experience. I’d highly recommend if you’re into art.
— Damian


9:00 AM -9:45 AM

Meeting at Tulum art club, (Coffee and Snacks with introduction talk)

9:45am - 10:00am

Transportation to Holistika

10:00am -11:30am

Art Walk tour at Holistika

11:30am -12:00pm

Back to Tulum Art Club passing by Los Amigos de La Esquina project to see more murals.


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