Relax and spend your residency in Tulum’s

renown art and wellness center

in the jungle : Holistika

Choose between having a private room all to yourself or live in the Bee Hive Dorms. This facility has an incredible Yoga Shala, Tree House for Meditation and Concentration, and the famous Jungle Art Walk where you can wander around the jungle and be inspired by past resident artists’ work. 

You’ll also be able to swim in the most beautiful pools in Tulum and eat delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes from the infamous Tierra Restaurant. 

It’s less than 5 minutes’ drive from two beautiful cenotes, only 10 minutes from Laguna Kan Luum, and 10 minutes’ by bike to the town center. 

This option is the perfect option for the person who loves yoga, wellness, and is curious to experience living amongst nature.

If you’re into relaxation and want a place to exist, breathe, and focus -- this is great for you. 

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