"Truly Human" by Noëmi Manser

“Truly Human” by Nöemi Manser is one of the new art installations living in the surreal jungle of Holistika.

Session Description:

 what does it mean to be truly human? And when do you feel truly human?

 this cave installation painted by Noëmi Manser (“connecting brains”) is  an opportunity to connect directly to your ancient roots in a modern  time... sit down in the cave and let your senses wonder in stillness...  you are surrounded by nature , animals, jungle sounds and cave paintings  of enlightened spirits, forever remembering their center sun... the  faces represent you and me, us as humanity, together in unity... as.  connect to yourself and others to remember again what you are made of  and what it means to be truly human... remember the power of  storytelling. it teaches us empathy and enhances our creativity, stories  keep us connected in social networks, which built and shape our  brains...

 Science teaches us that we are all connected and similarly we all share  the same fibers of life running through our individual cells. Much like  how a cancer grows when a cell separates itself from the rest of the  body, society has created its own cancerous cells in the acts of  individuality. Noëmi’s mission is to bring light to this pattern and  return us to the “Global Brain Conciounsness” state where we are all  one, connected, and all responsible for our selves and our actions as  these all have rippling effects that have leads us to the challenging  time in our history of humanity. The symbolic androgynous faces  represent all of us and yet each one has its own particular  characteristic role in the web of civilization. Every face also  represents a cell in your body, a person in society, and how we all are  part of this tapestry and each one of us holds the fiber together.

 As we strive in our daily life to have better connections, wether  physical or not, it all starts from within, which sets the artist and  the viewer on a journey of reconciliation. The ultimate goal is to be  aware of ones self and to be on a path of mindfulness and peace to  function as a single living organism that is part of something much  greater. Connecting brains, connecting humanity to become truly human again...

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