The Chileans Residency


As part of Tulum Art Club´s Artist Residency Program, we were grateful to host three of Chile´s most talented artists - Michael Yaikel, Jacinta Kaiser, and Matias Santa Maria in conjunction with our long-term Chilean resident, Javiera de Fonseca to create the longest mural in Tulum during the Art With Me Festival. As our residencies are designed to inspire, create, and pave a path for artists to expand their minds and talents, we wanted to provide them with opportunities for growth in more ways than just through their craft. 


During their time in Mexico, they co-created, hosted a pop-up gallery showcasing their work in a rustic, abandoned house-turned gallery, painted a new mural in the infamous Art Walk in Holistika, and had the opportunity to teach in the University of Valladolid.

Hosting them at Residencia Gorila on the Tulum Beach Road, they were able to wake up each morning to the fresh breeze of the Caribbean Ocean, then experience living amongst the locale during the painting of the mural, spending their days exploring some of Tulum´s most beautiful cenotes, jungles, and beaches. 

“This was my first time doing residency with other Chilean artists. It was very rewarding to share with Jacinta Maikel and Javiera. I really learned a lot from it. If I were to return for a future residency, I would love to have the time to make sculptures — 3D shapes in relation to [my current projects in Chile]. It would be wonderful to have a chance to stay longer — to create more mature work”, says Matias Santa Maria, “I would love it to be like this forever. To be able to travel, create, and share inspiration with others at the same time. The best of both worlds is the power of freedom. I believe that the freedom that is granted is the greatest value that and artists can wish for.”

The mural, measuring 100 meters wide, celebrates Hanal Pixan -  the Mayan Celebration of the Dead. Similar to Dia de los Muertos, Hanal Pixan is celebrated over three days — Day 1 for the Children, Day 2 for the Adults, and Day 3 for all. The residents incorporated Chilean flora and fauna into the depiction of the celebration — adding a special touch of their own.

The collaboration of the Chileans and Tulum Art Club in the construction of this mural was rewarding for both parties. The Chileans were taught about a different side of Mexican Culture, to which they were able to grow upon and teach their last few weeks in Valladolid at the university and the Tulum Art Club was gracious to receive and support such inspiring and talented artists. 

In conclusion, the Tulum Art Club was grateful to host these incredible artists and seeks to provide the same opportunity to others in the future. If you´re interested in participating in one of our Artist Residency Programs or sponsoring, email us at [EMAIL].

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