Our Most Recent Resident Artist : Guri

Guri was part of our residency in the month of August.


During his residency, Guri created an artwork intervening a ceramic plate with acrylic paint creating “KINICH AHAU” (Maya). (Available in our gallery)


He also created a new mural located at Tulum Pueblo which is called “Chilam Balam” 

“Chilam Balam”  - The Jaguar Oracle.

In the Mayan culture the jaguar represents power and wisdom.
The Sun god transforms in a jaguar to travel during the night through the dead’s world.
The word Chilam, is only applied to a selected class of oracle, seers and prophets. While the word Balam is a translation from the Jaguar that represents mystery and what’s hidden.
Chilam Balam is the name of various books that narrates facts and historic circumstances that the Mayan language went through in 16th and 17th century within the Yucatán peninsula.
This wisdom is the silent and collective memory of the people that are still alive with its roots, practices and beliefs.

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