"Mudra I" | 45 x 30 cm | Sadot

"Mudra I" | 45 x 30 cm | Sadot


Oil on canvas

45 x 30 cm

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In Mexico City in 1972, Israel Sadot Vidal Ponce borns.

At an early age he awakens his interest in art by seeing his father working on industrial plans and artistic drawings and his brother, a draftsman by profession. At 17 he ventures into the world of graphic arts, experimenting with different techniques and printing processes, leading him to take the leap as a graphic designer.

For several years he worked for different advertising agencies as art director and creative director, making projects closely related to the art world and thus giving way to the development of his creativity. He subsequently became an outstanding publicist as a founding partner and director of the Hunter & Mckency advertising agency. On the cusp of success, he decides to devote himself completely to art, a task to which he has dedicated himself up to the present, thus generating hundreds of works.

A man dedicated to introspection, with the ability to dump all his thought into fabric and color. But above all, a deep sensitivity to life.

The main objective of his work focuses on exploring reflection on the impermanence of life. His work contains a mixture of concepts that address issues about what is beyond our perception, the very essence of our being.

Using different mixed techniques and painting processes results in repetitive patterns, fractals, and vibrations that refer directly to transience in an abstract way.

His path in painting is a search that commutes and constantly evolves both in essence and in technique so much that he inquires in experimentation with color, materials, textures and any other medium that enables him to express.

The main reason is to turn their creativity into a canvas, finding connection with the present when making a piece, the absolute presence during the process of painting is its greatest stimulus.