"Conjuro" | Antun Kojtom | 25 X 32.5 CM

"Conjuro" | Antun Kojtom | 25 X 32.5 CM




25 X 32.5 CM

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Antun Kojtom

Antun was born on June 13, 1969 in Ch'ixaltontik an isolated community at 2 hour walking from Tenejapa a small village of Chiapas (south of Mexico) a community where they only speak their native tongue and dirt truck's open in 2002 and electricity in 2006.

When he was 18 years old him and his older brother moved to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco (Where he learn how to speak spanish) to work as unskilled labourer for a group of painters, called “Juntos". Afterwards he was assumed as painter and started to become more and more interested in Art.

He realised that Art does not need languages translation and it can be the best means to recover and promote his own Maya culture after he has personal felt social and racial discrimination to be considered indigenous and have a different skin, languages and food!