SENKOE AND FELIPE CESPEDES  did a mural at the pantheon at Tulum Town. Full of patterns of Felipe Cepedes and Colors and Mexican Illustrations of Senkoe this mural brought happiness and joy to the neighbors.


Sabino Guisu was born in Juchitán, Oaxaca in 1986. From his first works as portraits and skeletons forged with smoke, to his most recent works with conceptual dyes, he maintains the use of mainly organic materials as a constant in his work.His art is a path that traces the history of man, from his first vestiges printed with ashes over the caverns, to the use of these ancient materials in the current exploration of new techniques for the production of an artistic object. Possibly better known for the use of smoke than for other work materials such as: honey, propolis, pollen, bees and even cigars that are fundamental elements of their pieces. The work of Sabino Guisu offers a vision of transculturation and the spiritual rupture that exists between the individual and his environment, focusing on issues such as death and chance, reaching a deep personal reflection.

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