Our most celebrated

artist residency is here! 

Create and Celebrate With Us - Tulum Art Club’s Artist Residency Program

October: Celebrate the Loved and Lost - Join Us to Create Something Special in Commemoration of All Artists That Have Left This World

Our Fall Residency → Dia De Los Muertos  (October 12th - November 2nd)

For over 9 years, we have been facilitating artist residencies in Tulum and have been thankful to connect and inspire over 300 artists from all over the world. Come spend three weeks in Tulum in either the jungle or the beach (your choice) and work together in our artist collective. For our Fall residency, we’re creating an alter and celebrating the loved and lost for Dia de los Muertos. 



How does it work?

It’s pretty simple. All residents are invited to create their own pieces and to get involved in the community by participating in different social projects we offer, and of course to have fun during their stay, explore the culture while meeting and collaborating with like-minded creatives.  At the end of the residence there will be a collective art show in Tulum Art Club in the Pueblo and then we will celebrate Dia de los Muertos with a collective alter on the beach. 

If you’ve celebrated Dia de los Muertos your entire life or if you’re just curious as to how we celebrate here in Mexico, join us for the time of your life. 

You’ll take part in social projects and work throughout the month learning about the art behind this beautiful holiday while having the opportunity to experiment with different mediums, explore our infamous cenotes, practice yoga, dance your heart out in the jungle and more. 

We’re here to inspire you -- to help you grow as an artist and to get out of your normal element and open your mind. 

We invite you to join us during this time to grow in your craft, expand your mind, and learn about this renowned holiday Mexican celebration. Come celebrate your loved ones that have left this world in an expressive and traditional way. 

We’re going to go big this year and create a collective altar during this residency to commemorate the artists that we love and that aren’t with us anymore.

Bring pictures, personal belongings, or something of significance to memorialize your loved ones to include in the creation of this alter. 


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