We love Tulum. We love being proud of our BEAUTIFUL home and maybe being a little bit of a show off sometimes, but really if you live here you can’t help it..

So to help visitors - and people who live here - experience Tulum to the fullest we have created a select few amazing experiences to help you have extra amounts of fun, and live your life to the FULLEST!

I won’t explain them all right now because I will direct you along to where you can read about each experience in detail and book, but I’ll give you a little taster.

Plein Air is a pictorial practice that alludes to outdoor painting, used by French artists such as Monet, Pissaro, Renoir, among others; becoming popular since the 19th century. What will happen in this experience is you will go to our own secret lagoon with our wonderful friend and artist Javiera Da Fonseca. She will teach you different techniques while immersed in and inspired by the nature, sounds and beauty of the jungle.

How cool does that sound? You down?

Click here to book this rad experience and find out about others we offer.

Art Club