One Room Hotel

Our boutique studio inside our gallery.


Perfect for creatives , art enthusiasts, curators, art lovers, artists, solo travelers or couples who are looking to taste what life is like here in Tulum.



The room nestled above the courtyard makes the space feel different during the day and after hours. The courtyard is quiet and serene in the evenings and at certain times of day but it can also have a real buzz going about it as people enjoy a cup of coffee downstairs which makes it a wonderful spot to watch the world go by or check your emails with the comfort of the cafe to serve you what you like.

The room itself is a light and inviting space. It offers a nice warm shower and bathroom area, plush towels and of course the all important comfortable two person bed. The minibar is fully (payment for use at check out) stocked for you to enjoy a drink in your hammock chair.