Luis Safa.jpg

LUIS SAFA and JAVIER SANCHEZ did an installation at the Tulum Art Club Town called "Crystalline Paradise".


Luis Safa, better known as Caracrimen, is an illustrator, artist and Mexican muralist who defines himself as "friendly with his arms, tender with children, macho with vatos."

His work is quite influenced by the popular Mexican graphic; from the technique, the stroke, some color and even in some of the themes that he tackles throughout his work, although he always retains a contemporary focus.


Javier Sánchez, is an artist who works with the research and practice of sound through visual media in
the electronic arts. His work is nourished by processes such as the hacking of obsolete technologies, experimentation with
electricity and the mixture of these media with the plastic arts. The deconstruction of ideas, images and
objects are a fundamental part in his work to integrate thematic axes linked to history, sociology and philosophy.