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DIEGO CLARK had a big participation with the festival and with us creating concerts and songs during the festival. He did concerts at Holistika Tulum, Tulum Art Club and La Zebra.


Musician (Percussion, voices, sounds, composer)

Multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, artist and teacher, who for his constant search and creativity has positioned himself today as a benchmark for music in Córdoba.

He has participated in numerous projects among which are, the album "EL PEREGRINO" and the album "CELEBRACION" by Horacio Burgos Trío, the album SURACA; Mythological and La Mandioca with Héctor Tortoza, the album "ACACIA" by Mery Murua. Participates in "MAPAS DE UN SUR IMAGINARIO" by Juan Quintero and Fernando Tarrés with the Youth Academic Orchestra of the Teatro del Libertador. He has been invited to participate in the recording of the album "Surroundings of the absence" by saxophonist Javier Girotto. He is currently working as a teacher at the popular music school "La Colmena" and gives workshops at the CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY of CORDOBA.

Currently he directs the ORQUESTA DE OBJETOS, an ensemble of percussionist musicians who recycle objects of all kinds to transform them into instruments and music.

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