KATIA GUZMAN did an installation at the Beach Pavilion called "Laundry Installation"

Katia Guzmán Mexican artist (n.1988-CDMX), after a long journey in techniques and a career in marketing art comes to life to create facilities for rational self-questioning.

With her work she seeks to make the viewer aware of problems of social coexistence, lack of communication, agreement, respect, and seek the sacred in and among us. Taking the viewer through paths submerged in space, the artist generates medium format installations with the intention of generating containment, thus creating dynamic and educational spaces.
In the case of the Laundry Installation, the artist searches through recycled dresses to generate awareness of the different outfits we use every day to have human experiences. By questioning ourselves in a negative way as soon as those words we can find blockages that we have, which are not letting us flow as humanity. This was the dynamic that took place with the purpose of generating a subsequent investigation about these blocks and how we can go through them healing with time and other facilities.

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